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Wrap-Around Apron - Pink Multi Coloured May Gibbs Fabric

Wrap-Around Apron - Pink Multi Coloured May Gibbs Fabric

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The Aproned wrap-around apron in Pink Multi-Coloured May Gibbs Fabric is a beautifully crafted piece that combines convenience with the whimsical charm of one of Australia's beloved children's authors. Featuring a vibrant and colourful pattern inspired by May Gibbs' iconic bush fairy tales, this apron is a celebration of storytelling and style. The pink background serves as a lively canvas for the array of native Australian flora and the enchanting characters that dance across the fabric.

Designed for ease and comfort, this apron wraps around the wearer and is secured with a criss-cross over the back, which means no time is wasted on tying straps. It includes a generous front pocket, perfect for storing utensils, recipe notes, or other essentials while cooking, baking, or engaging in creative activities.

Each apron is fully lined, reinforcing its durability for everyday use and ensuring a long-lasting addition to your culinary wardrobe.

Please be aware that while the Pink Multi-Coloured May Gibbs Fabric is consistent, the lining may vary due to fabric availability. This detail ensures that each apron, while sharing the playful external print, may feature a unique lining, adding a personalized touch to this charming kitchen attire. Whether you're a fan of May Gibbs' work or you simply appreciate the joyous infusion of art and practicality, this apron is a delightful choice.

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