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  • "Being an avid gardener, I am always on the search for a good gardening apron, one which can carry my tools, be practical as well as stylish. The Aproned Harvest apron has accomplished that and more! It is very comfortable to wear, the fabrics are beautiful, it is well made and durable. In all of the various pockets I can carry my phone, secateurs and on top of that, the bottom of the apron converts into a harvesting bucket. Honestly every detail has been thought of with these aprons, they are perfect for both gardening and cooking. I will certainly be back for more."


  • I believe the Aproned Harvest Apron that Nerida and I have designed really is everything you need in a garden apron.
    It is now an essential part of my gardening kit, I never have to wonder where I’ve put my secateurs or gloves.
    The phone pocket means I can listen to my podcasts whilst gardening without disturbing my neighbours with my portable speaker.
    And the bucket/pouch means dinner is easily harvested and transported back to the kitchen.


  • "Our kids love getting out and about in the garden, carrying their own tools and being busy in the soil. Aproned kids harvesting apron is the perfect combination, with funky fabrics my kid's love, enough space in the pockets for their treasures, and a convertible harvest pouch for when they have a bigger load to carry (or their teddies). This is a very high-quality durable apron which my kids wear on the daily."


About Aproned

Beautiful handmade aprons for every occasion.
Nerida discovered her passion for sewing, after a request from her farming sister to make a Harvest Apron, Aproned was born. Nerida has developed a beautiful range including Kitchen, Children's and BBQ aprons as well as a design inspired by her Grannie, called Kit's Pinnie. All of her apron designs have been designed in collaboration and thoroughly tested to meet her client's needs.
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