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Possum Children's Apron

Possum Children's Apron

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Introducing the Possum Children's Apron by Aproned, where delightful design meets functionality. Each apron is a handcrafted gem, created from top-tier fabric that is both resilient and graceful to the touch. The pattern is a whimsical enchantment, featuring playful possums frolicking among a lush botanical setting, with vibrant pink blossoms on a serene sky-blue background.

Every apron is fully lined for extra durability and comfort, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of your child's creative escapades. The neck strap is adjustable, offering a tailored fit for a variety of ages and sizes, and promoting independence as little ones learn to put on and adjust their own apron.

A spacious waist pocket comes ready to hold all the essentials your child might need, from art supplies to cooking utensils, or even outdoor findings during nature explorations. This apron is not just an accessory but a companion for your child's imaginative play.

We offer the Possum Apron in Small, Medium, and Large sizes, catering to a range of ages and ensuring a just-right fit for every child.

Disclaimer: The charm of handcrafted work is in its uniqueness. Therefore, the colors of the lining and straps may differ from piece to piece, depending on the availability of our curated materials.

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