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Pink Flowering Gum Waist Apron

Pink Flowering Gum Waist Apron

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Introducing the Pink Flowering Gum Waist Apron, a stylish and practical piece for those who love to add a touch of elegance to their daily tasks. This apron is beautifully crafted from durable, hardwearing fabric designed to protect with grace. Adorned with a charming pattern of pink gum leaves, it exudes a sense of calm and natural beauty, reminiscent of a peaceful Australian garden.

Fully lined for added structure and durability, the apron sits comfortably at the waist, featuring an easy-to-tie strap in a complementary shade of soft maroon. This ensures a perfect fit for any body shape or size, allowing for effortless movement as you go about your day.

Equipped with two spacious pockets, it offers ample space to keep essential tools at hand, whether you're gardening, cooking, or indulging in your favorite crafts. The practicality and chic design make it a must-have for any creative spirit.

Disclaimer: Each apron is unique, with slight variations in the lining and strap color that contribute to the distinct personality of every piece we create.

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