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Harvest Apron Red Berries, Garden Apron, Handmade, Durable High-Quality Lined Fabric, Drawstring Pouch

Harvest Apron Red Berries, Garden Apron, Handmade, Durable High-Quality Lined Fabric, Drawstring Pouch

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Introducing our Blossom Pouch Harvest Apron – a perfect amalgamation of functionality and delicate design. This apron is more than a garment; it's a companion for your gardening and culinary adventures, crafted to keep you clean and organized while you immerse yourself in the joy of harvesting.

Sophisticated Features Include:

Exquisite Floral Pattern: Adorned with a vibrant red blossom print set against a soft white fabric, this apron doesn’t just protect – it adds a touch of natural beauty to your attire.

Harvest-Ready Pouch: The apron is ingeniously designed with a drawstring pouch, allowing you to gather your produce or carry essentials hands-free. The deep green hue of the pouch provides a beautiful contrast, making the design as pleasing as it is practical.

Convenient Storage: Outfitted with a secure pocket, this apron ensures that your mobile phone or glasses are safely tucked away yet always within reach.

Tool Access: A segmented waist pocket awaits to organize and store your tools, seeds, or any other necessities, enhancing your efficiency without compromising on style.

Drawstring Management: A dedicated cord pocket is thoughtfully included, keeping the drawstring neatly contained when the pouch is open.

Additional Information:

Size Guide: Each apron is tailored to be as functional as it is stylish. Please consult our sizing chart to find your perfect fit. Harvest/Kitchen/BBQ Apron Sizing


Handmade Charm: Embrace the unique charm of our handcrafted aprons, where each stitch tells a story and slight variations in size add to the character of your apron.

Color Variance: The hues of the lining and straps may differ with each apron, based on fabric availability, ensuring that each piece is as unique as its wearer.

Whether you’re harvesting in the garden, cooking, or hosting a BBQ, the Blossom Pouch Harvest Apron is designed to elevate your experience with its blend of style and utility. Make it a staple in your wardrobe and enjoy the beauty and practicality it brings to every task.

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