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Harvest Apron Pink Blue Gum-nut, Garden Apron, Handmade, Durable High-Quality Lined Fabric, Drawstring Pouch

Harvest Apron Pink Blue Gum-nut, Garden Apron, Handmade, Durable High-Quality Lined Fabric, Drawstring Pouch

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Infuse your gardening and culinary activities with a splash of Australian charm through our Pink and Blue Gumnut Pouch Harvest Apron. This apron marries practical design with the whimsical allure of the native gumnut, creating a functional yet fashionable piece for those who cherish their time in the garden or kitchen.

Distinctive Features:

Charming Gumnut Pattern: The apron displays a captivating pattern of pink and blue gumnuts against a neutral backdrop, offering a stylish nod to Australia's iconic bushland while you tend to your tasks.

Harvest Pouch Functionality: A cleverly integrated drawstring pouch allows for easy gathering of your garden's yield or for holding essential items, ensuring you have everything you need within arm's reach.

Safe Storage for Valuables: A secure pocket is thoughtfully included for your mobile phone or glasses, providing peace of mind that your personal items are protected and accessible.

Segmented Waist Pocket: Organize your tools, seeds, or kitchen utensils with ease in the segmented waist pocket, designed for convenience and efficiency.

Drawstring Cord Pocket: The apron features a cord pocket to neatly stow away the drawstring, keeping it tidy and out of the way when the pouch is utilized.

Additional Notes:

Sizing and Comfort: Handcrafted for quality and fit, please review our sizing chart to select an apron that ensures both comfort and style during your activities. Harvest/Kitchen/BBQ Apron Sizing


Handmade Variation: Each apron is individually made, resulting in unique variations that add to the character and distinction of your garment.

Variability in Lining and Straps: Due to the bespoke nature of our aprons, the colors of the lining and straps may vary based on current fabric stock, ensuring that each apron is as unique as its wearer.

Whether you’re pruning roses, picking fruit, or preparing a family feast, the Pink and Blue Gumnut Pouch Harvest Apron is an embodiment of both utility and elegance, making it an essential companion for your daily endeavors.

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