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Harvest Apron Flowers on Navy, Garden Apron, Handmade, Durable High-Quality Lined Fabric, Drawstring Pouch

Harvest Apron Flowers on Navy, Garden Apron, Handmade, Durable High-Quality Lined Fabric, Drawstring Pouch

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ntroducing the Flowers on Navy Pouch Harvest Apron – a testament to practical elegance and a tribute to the beauty of nature. This apron is not only a functional tool for your gardening and culinary tasks but also a stylish statement piece with its vivid floral print on a classic navy background.

Product Features:

Vibrant Floral Design: The apron boasts a striking array of flowers in radiant hues, set against a deep navy canvas, bringing a burst of color to your daily routine.

Convertible Harvest Pouch: Designed with a drawstring, this apron features a pouch that can be expanded to hold your harvest or contracted to streamline your silhouette.

Secure Storage: Keep your essentials like a mobile phone or glasses within reach, yet safely stored in a specially designed pocket.

Segmented Waist Pocket: Your tools and utensils have a designated place with the apron's segmented waist pocket, which keeps them organized and at hand.

Drawstring Cord Pocket: A cord pocket is included to manage the drawstring, ensuring it stays out of the way when the pouch is in use.

Additional Information:

Sizing Guidance: Our sizing chart is available to help you choose the right fit, keeping in mind that each apron is handcrafted, so slight variations add to its unique character. Harvest/Kitchen/BBQ Apron Sizing


Handmade Distinction: As each piece is handmade, appreciate the small differences that make your apron unique.

Color Variations: Lining and strap colors are subject to availability, meaning each apron may have its unique combination, adding to its bespoke charm.

The Flowers on Navy Pouch Harvest Apron is perfect for those who value functionality without compromising on style. Whether you're in the midst of a busy kitchen, a blooming garden, or a lively barbecue, this apron is designed to protect your clothing while adding joy and beauty to your tasks.

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