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Avocado Peg Apron

Avocado Peg Apron

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Experience the Charm of Our Avocado Peg Apron

Add a touch of whimsy to your daily chores with our handcrafted Avocado Peg Apron. Designed for those who value both functionality and playful design, this apron features a charming avocado print on a durable fabric, making it perfect for any task.

Key Features:

  • Artisanal Handmade Quality: Each apron is meticulously crafted by hand, ensuring a unique product with a personal touch.
  • Resilient Fabric: Our apron is made from durable material selected for its longevity and vibrant depiction of assorted avocado varieties, ensuring years of use.
  • Versatile Use Pouch: The fully lined pouch offers ample space for carrying pegs, gardening supplies, or any other essentials needed for your tasks.
  • Customisable Comfort: Equipped with an adjustable waist strap and quick-release buckle, our apron provides a comfortable and customised fit for all users.

Please Note: Due to the unique handmade nature of our aprons, the lining and strap colour may vary, adding to the individual character of each piece, reflecting the natural diversity of avocados and subject to material availability.

Elevate your daily routine with the Avocado Peg Apron – where fun meets functionality.

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