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Wrap-Around Apron - Yellow May Gibbs Fabric

Wrap-Around Apron - Yellow May Gibbs Fabric

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Step into your kitchen with the charm of Australian heritage wrapped around you in our Yellow May Gibbs Aproned Wrap-Around Apron. This apron isn't just a utilitarian garment; it's a nod to nostalgic design, featuring the beloved May Gibbs illustrations that have been cherished for generations.

Key Features:

Effortless Wear: The criss-cross back design ensures the apron slips on effortlessly without the need for tying straps.
Convenience Meets Style: A generous front pocket provides practical storage, while the full lining enhances the apron's durability and wearability.
Charming Aesthetic: Adorned with the iconic May Gibbs fabric, this apron brings a burst of vintage Australian flora and fauna into your daily routine.
Please Note:

Unique Craftsmanship: Each apron is lovingly crafted, and while the lining may vary, it only adds to the uniqueness of your garment, subject to fabric availability.
Ideal for everyday use, whether you're whipping up a family meal or pottering about in the garden, this Yellow May Gibbs Aproned Wrap-Around Apron blends functionality with an endearing touch of Australiana.

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